Environmental policy

1. Kontext organizace

Hyundai Transys Czech, s.r.o. is fully aware that its activities impact on the condition of the environment, employees’ and citizens’ health, fauna and flora. While respecting the principle of continuous development, it is the company’s endeavour to act in such a way so as to permanently minimize negative impacts and continually maintain mutual balance between economic, sociocultural and environmental safety requirements.

The company’s policy for environmental protection and health protection is based on the principles of personal, collective and corporate responsibility, with respect to internal conditions, as well as through the influence of external factors and collaboration with affected parties.

2. Framework for setting objectives

2.1 Environmental protection priorities

  • Protection of the air, water and soil
  • Protection of climate and biodiversity
  • Purposeful and frugal use of natural resources
  • Reduction in the production of waste and increasing recycling
  • Compliance with respective legal and other issues

2.2 Health protection priorities

  • Reduction of risk of work injuries
  • Reduction of risk of occupational diseases
  • Ergonomics and improvement of the work environment
  • Mental hygiene of employees
  • Applicable synergies for environmental and OH&S matters

3. Commitment to environmental protection

Hyundai Transys Czech, s.r.o. undertakes to permanently comply with and improve the environmental protection system to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and occupational health and safety management system to ČSN OHSAS 18001:2007.

3.1 In the environmental protection area

  • Rigorous observation of correct and safe working procedures
  • Prevention of serious accidents, conscientious and safe handling of chemical substances
  • Reduction of contamination by limiting the consumption of volatile substances and emissions from chemical processes and heat sources
  • Efficient management of waste, reduction of waste production, sorting, utilization of raw materials and recycling
  • Utilization of ecologically-friendly working procedures supporting biodiversity

3.2 In the health protection area

  • Continuous searching for and assessment of risks and implementation of measures for their reduction
  • Continuous checking of compliance with OH&S by all management workers at all management levels
  • Reduction of work injuries and occupational diseases through efficient prevention
  • Improvement of the work environment and use of high-quality and efficient protection equipment, technical devices and effective work organization

4. Fulfilment of commitments

Ensured by Hyundai Transys Czech, s.r.o.

  • Identification, updating and checking of compliance with mandatory legal and other requirements
  • Setting competencies, delegation of powers and responsibilities of employees
  • Continual improvement of competencies of employees through education and training
  • Regular monitoring of process efficiency
  • Analysis of the condition and level of EMS and OH&S and implementation of measures for improvement and assessment of opportunities and risks
  • Continuous improvement of the integrated EMS and OH&S system and increasing its efficiency

5. Management’s representation and commitment

The management of Hyundai Transys Czech, s.r.o. is fully aligned with the principles of environmental and safety policies and undertakes to continually create the conditions and provide the necessary resources for their continuous fulfilment and to permanently improve this process.

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