Hyundai Dymos Champions League 2017

In November, we organized the Hyundai Dymos Champions League 2017 Futsal tournament, which was attended by 6 team members from our company, and one team was sent to fight by colleagues from Slovak Dymos. The whole tournament took place in a fighting spirit, but the atmosphere was very friendly :-) Hyundai Dymos Champions League 2017

The overall winner was eventually a team from Slovak Dymos, who without a loss stood for the first place. The best scorer was also from the winning team – Michal Škulec, who scored 13 goals.

I would also like to mention the amazing performances of our girls, Iva Klusová, Kristýna Dordová and Edyta Klimosz, who definitely belonged to the best in the tournament.

Thank you for your participation and the great game! 🙂