Organisational Structure Changes in May

As of 1.5.2018, several changes in organizational structure are waiting for us in the company, and a few colleagues are waiting for a new position :-). In order to get better informed, we will introduce the changes. Organisational Structure Changes in May

Vojtěch Bušina, Logistics Referent → Head of Logistics Control Working Group
“The opportunity to shift to the Head of Logistics Control Working Group came after four years of working as a material distributor. For me it definitely implies a great impetus for self-education and personal development to cope with new challenges in the form of managing the team of my great colleagues. I will surely have to go deeper into the logistics agenda because I will be responsible for the work and operation of the department, which is a diametrically different position from what I have been doing within the company. “

Marcin Chmiel, Junior Leader → Logistics Referent
“When I started to work in the company, I thought it would be just for a transitional period … about three months. But then I found out that a great recognition can be achieved by a hard work. I take this opportunity to appreciate my 6-year work here. It was very surprising to me because it does not have much to do with work on the line. But people in the team trust me and it drives me even further, I do not want to disappoint them. You can learn everything if you truly wants to :-)”

Tomáš Jašík, Junior Leader → Team Leader
“I have been in the company since 2009 and gradually I have worked as a Team Leader. The biggest change from the previous position of the Junior leader is that it is not just about organizing work but rather about organizing the team of people (attendance, evaluation …). I also have a greater responsibility for the logistics department in the shift.”

Marek Pala, Stockkeeper→ Junior Leader
“I am really happy that my superiors have chosen me for this promotion. I think I did it mainly because I was not only interested in myself during my work in this company. On the contrary, when I had time, I tried to follow and help the people around me, and gained an overview of what the co-workers had to do in other positions. I have much more responsibility now, not just for the people here, but also for the external warehouse.”

Jakub Polák, Production Line Operator → Junior Leader
“This change came after 10 years on the production line. Work now does not mean putting on gloves and working manually. I have to solve problems on the line – both technical and personal. But the biggest challenge for me is that I perform this job on a different shift than I have been so far, so I get to know new people and the system of work, that is different at each shift.”